Thigh Society High Rise Anti-Chafing Slip Short

Our Ultra High Rise slip shorts prevent chafing and wick away sweat with a no-squeeze design and full smoothing comfort that is perfect for all day wear under your dresses, skirts, shorts and pants. Full coverage with a higher front & back rise than Regular Rise, and longer leg.

- Great for at-or-below-the-knee skirts & dresses
- Moisture-wicking mesh panel along inner thighs keeps you cool & dry  
- Soft and breathable cottony-feeling fabric your skin will love 
- Incredible 4 way stretch that gently smooths your curves  
- Invisible under clothing with  no VPL 
Seamless waist & leg bands comfortably stay in place without digging in - that means no muffin top or legs riding up 
- No itchy label or front and back seams  
- Meant to be worn day to night (also makes a great pajama bottom) and is for all seasons (extra layer of warmth in cooler weather AND extends the life of your hosiery)  
- Won't make you feel squished or suffocated (not shapewear)   
- High quality fabric made in North America means they'll last you a long time 
- Bonus: easy to take off for a tinkle or if you're watchin' Netflix and chillin' (wink, wink) 

9 " inch inseam (leg length) for very generous coverage 
- Material: 90% nylon microfiber, 10% spandex with Sorbtek gusset 
- We recommend washing and drying after every wear to allow the fabric to regain its original, fab fitting shape. 

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