UNBELT in Jet Black with Silver Buckle

Guaranteed to convert even the most passionate non belt-wearer (but regular jeans-tugger-upper), our Classic Unbelt gives gaping, pinchy, or slip-downy pants the tailor-made fit you never knew was possible. 

Most elastic belts are made with cheap, off-the-shelf material that stretches out after a few weeks. Not these babies. We use velvety, resilient elastic and all-metal hardware. The result: a premium "invisible" belt that's guaranteed to replace that nest of bulky leather belts at back of your sock drawer.  Made in Canada

Wait. That's just sweet.

  • Stretchy, comfy and adjustable from 24" to 54" hips
  • Flat under tees - no more tiny mystery holes from bulky buckles
  • 1/8"-thick all-metal buckle
  • Machine-washable in your belt loops
  • Beep-free in airport security

Guaranteed to last... and to become totally indispensable.



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